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Experience. Understanding. Answers.

Experience. Understanding. Answers.

Our commercial banking professionals understand the opportunities and the challenges facing middle market business owners and executives. More importantly, our team members take the time to know you, your business and what matters most.

  • Commercial Lending

    Commercial Lending

    Whether it’s an idea to help your business grow, a challenge to overcome or an opportunity to move into a new direction, we have a depth of financing solutions for your specific needs. From revolving lines of credit and term loans to letters of credit, we put our understanding, expertise and creativity to work for you.

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  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    We build relationships with dynamic and growing professional real estate companies and entrepreneurs, all of whom develop, own or operate income-producing properties. Credit is provided for construction, acquisition, redevelopment and refinancing.

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  • Treasury Management

    We provide a comprehensive suite of services to manage your cash and liquidity, delivered through both our experienced Treasury Management relationship managers and our online banking system.

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  • Capital Markets

    We’re committed to creating a custom solution that optimizes your distinct financial markets and risk management objectives. You can expect guidance throughout each step of the process—identifying exposures and executing strategy while assessing its effectiveness.*

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  • Specialty Banking

    Our Specialty Banking Groups have deeply knowledgeable professionals in specific industry segments. This insight is backed by the creativity and flexibility we bring to each relationship, to serve you whenever and however you need it most.

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  • Corporate Retirement Plan Services

    We understand that helping your employees prepare for retirement is one of the most valued benefits you can offer. We work to ensure you can provide these offerings in an efficient, compliant manner that encourages and simplifies employee participation.*

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When we acquire companies, we need to know with certainty that our lender will honor its commitments. In my 30-plus years of private equity investing, I have never come across a bank that is more dependable, agile and effective in its execution.

Kent P. Dauten, Managing Director, Keystone Capital, Inc.

Our approach to working with you

Our commercial banking relationship managers have only one job – to build relationships with companies like yours. Once we know what matters most to you, we use our expertise in credit and non-credit products and services to create a solution specific to your needs. We bring understanding, creativity and a passion for what we do to each client relationship.

It’s a relationship with your bank that you can take to the bank.

The PrivateBank brings a very genuine, relationship-oriented service that makes them stand out in the industry. The team’s response time is extraordinary, their industry knowledge is impeccable, their understanding of our business is exceptional and their execution is flawless, all of which are needed to succeed in this business.

Albert M. Berriz, CEO, McKinley, Inc.

Check on your finances anytime, anywhere.

Access the way you want it. Our online banking site has everything you need to transfer funds and monitor your financial growth, and you can see it all on your mobile phone, too. We want to help, every which way.


Log in to your account for up-to-the-minute information about your accounts, with tools designed specifically for speedy banking.

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Transfer between your accounts at The PrivateBank or pay a bill on your mobile device when you want, where you want with apps for Android and iOS.

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