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Privately owned and operated for-profit small businesses with $7 million or less in average annual receipts employ more than half of the private-sector workforce in the United States. To help support this important economic engine, the U.S. government created the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program to provide important financing to small businesses.

  • What is an SBA Loan?

    SBA loans are provided through participating lenders, such as The PrivateBank, to provide favorable terms to small businesses across the country. To qualify for SBA loans, business owners must be experienced and of good character, demonstrate the ability to repay the loan from business operations and have sufficient equity invested in the business to back the loan.

  • Why choose an SBA Loan?

    Unlike conventional lending standards; SBA loans offer funding for specific business needs as well as real estate and operating capital, that may allow for: longer terms, more flexible repayment options and lower down payments.

    When determining if the appropriate financing should be looked at as an SBA loan, we look for common reasons to acquire SBA financing:

    Collateral Shortfall

    • A loan request is not to be declined solely on the basis of inadequate collateral. In fact, one of the primary reasons lenders use the SBA-guaranteed program is for those Small Business applicants that demonstrate repayment ability but lack adequate collateral to fully repay the loan if the loan defaults.

    Equity Injection

    • SBA guidelines require a 10 percent equity injection on new business purchases, which is significantly lower than traditional commercial lending requirements. In some cases 25 percent equity injection can be required for business acquisition if there is more than $500,000 in goodwill as part of the transaction, and is being submitted under PLP status.

    Extending Amortization

    • When looking to extend amortizations past what traditional commercial financing will allow. Use of Proceeds:
      • Real Estate: 25 years
      • Equipment and Refinance: 10 years*
      • Working Capital: 7-10 years

    * Equipment loans may be extended if the useful life can be verified

  • We Believe in Small Business

    While the government may define your business as “small,” we know that running your company and providing jobs in your community is no small feat. That is why we take the time to know you and your business, learn what matters most and provide the right banking solutions for you. Our dedicated SBA specialists & team review each deal to help expedite the process.

    The PrivateBank is an SBA National Preferred Lending Partner (PLP), meaning we have the ability to turn your application around more quickly with lending decisions made by the bank.

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1 – All loans and other extensions of credit are subject to credit approval.

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