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  • Learn why the family leadership behind a dynamic investment firm and remarkable non-profit foundation recently turned to The PrivateBank to manage their organizations’ commercial banking as well as their personal wealth.

    Hexagon, Inc.
  • See how The PrivateBank helped Frontera Foods bring Chef Rick Bayless’ award winning restaurant cuisine to grocery stores, and position Frontera to become a premier gourmet packaged food brand across the United States.

    Frontera Foods
  • When full-service Atlanta commercial real estate firm Ackerman & Co. began to seek financing for a large distribution center they partnered with The PrivateBank to develop a lending solution that would bring the project to fruition.

    Ackerman & Co.
“We were very pleased with both the execution and timing delivered by The PrivateBank. They did a great job beginning our relationship with a challenging deal. We recognize that and will do more with The PrivateBank in the coming months.”

Kris Miller, President, Ackerman & Co.

Featured Story: Hexagon, Inc.


On paper, The PrivateBank’s history with Hexagon Inc., the Reiman Family and namesake foundation, began in 2015. The story of the relationship, however, began seven years earlier and is a testament to our actions speaking as loud as our words.

ThePrivateBank continues to invest in our business, people and capabilities to drive further organic growth and thrive on the belief that great things happen when we put our clients first.

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"The PrivateBank brought together a team from all areas inside the Bank, and worked very diligently with us to craft a facility and operating platform to handle all of our needs. We are looking forward to an outstanding and long term partnership.”

Mike Hipp, President, Hexagon & Reiman Foundation

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